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Reverse Alert helps businesses avoid costly insurance and repair claims.

Cars, utes, vans and trucks, Reverse Alert can save you money.

Originally, Reverse Alert was designed with the intention of saving lives - but the technology also makes perfect business sense! From a fleet perspective, what is the true cost of a reversing incident? When taking into consideration the disruption of service to customers, admin costs, premium adjustments and the downtime of damaged vehicles….the true cost is much higher!

It doesn’t matter whether your fleet consists of vans, utes buses or trucks….the Reverse Alert system will help reduce the costs associated with reversing.

Make your fleet Reverse Alert today!

Reversing Alert Sensors + Reversing Camera + Automatic Braking Technology = Improved bottom line!

Coming Soon...

Six and Eight sensor system options for larger vehicles. This system will allow the positioning of sensors both top and bottom. The system has been designed due to feedback from key personnel in the transport industry.

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