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Help prevent accidents with Reverse Alert.

Reverse Alert will respond even if you don't.

The design and layout of car parks along with high volumes of traffic interacting in close proximity to each other, result in a large amount of reversing incidents leading to significant and costly vehicle damage.

Furthermore, abandoned shopping trolleys left in-and-around the car parking bay can also be of concern for the driver wanting to manoeuvre the vehicle.

Indeed, reversing manoeuvres at car parks can be a risky and expensive proposition, given the costs associated with vehicle repairs. However, the car park environment is not only synonymous with vehicle-to-vehicle accidents...but pedestrian related incidents are also a common occurrence, often leading to serious injury.

Reverse Alert can not only reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle, but the system can also help prevent accidents with pedestrians.

Next time you visit a public car park...look out for the pedestrian walking behind the line of parked cars, remember the pole that you only just missed, or the car you nearly reversed into...and ask yourself - should I be Reverse Alert?

Reversing Facts:

The videos below show the effectiveness of the Reverse Alert System in a car park environment.