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Reverse Alert helps the driver when reversing into tight confined spaces.

It also allows you to override the system for connection to your trailer or caravan.

Soon to be released is the Reverse Alert technology for towing caravans or trailers. This system will give the driver peace of mind when reversing large items such as trailers and caravans. With this configuration the rear of the trailer/caravan will be fitted with the Reverse Alert sensors. When the trailer is connected to the vehicle this turns off the sensors on the vehicle and the sensors on the rear of the trailer are activated. When the sensors on the trailer detect an object this results in the brakes of the vehicle being applied automatically.

The towing version of Reverse Alert will soon be trialled on construction and road transportation trucks that tow trailers. The only difference here is that more cabling will be required.

Towing Options:

  • Home Trailers
  • Industrial Trailers
  • Caravans

See how Reverse Alert connects to a trailer using the Override function.